UTSC Observatory

The astronomical observatory at the University of Toronto Scarborough

About the UTSC Observatory

We have multiple telescopes ranging in size and quality. Recently, a new 8-inch f/8 Ritchey-Chretien telescope was bought from the UTSC 50th anniversary legacy fund which we now use for astrophotography. The older 10-inch telescope is used for observations by eye.

Join us!

The UTSC Observatory is currently maintained by Professor Hanno Rein. If you would like to get involved in operating the telescope simply send him an e-mail. If you want to join for one of the observing sessions sign up for the observatory mailing list here. All UTSC students, faculty and staff are welcome. We need very clear skies to see most objects other than the moon and the brightest planets. Therefore most observing sessions happen on short notice and will be announced via a mail.


We have now a webcam installed in the telescope dome, looking down the Highland Creek valley. View the latest image or watch the last one hour in a loop.

Tumblr blog

We post observing logs and pictures on our tumblr blog at utsc-telescope.tumblr.com. The image on the right shows M51, the whirlpool galaxy. It was one of the first images taken here at UTSC with the 30cm telescope. Check out tumblr for more images.