UTSC Observatory

The astronomical observatory at the University of Toronto Scarborough

About the UTSC Observatory

UTSC hosts multiple telescopes including an 8-inch f/8 Ritchey-Chretien telescope and an older 10-inch telescope in a dome on top of the SW bulding. Unfortunately, the UTSC Observatory is currently not in use due to a construction project for the new UTSC animal testing lab. The new HVAC equipment for the animal testing lab releases large amounts of water vapour and noise directly below the observatory which negatively affects the sensitive instruments of the telescopes.

Join us!

Despite the fact that the UTSC Observatory is currently not in use, you can get involved with astronomical observations at UTSC by signing up for the observatory mailing list here. We have a set of 8 mobile computerized telescopes which we use for public outreach events as well as in-class instruction. All UTSC students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend the public meetings. We need very clear skies to see most objects other than the moon and the brightest planets. Therefore most observing sessions happen on short notice and will be announced via a mail. The observatory, mobile telescopes, and e-mail list is currently maintained by Professor Hanno Rein.